Best practices for managing commercial Auto / Truck fleet safety…

Your fleet of vehicles is an important asset to your company operations, and has significant exposure to loss and production expectations. Whether driving pickup trucks or heavier DOT-regulated trucks, it is essential to develop a risk management approach to minimize vehicles’ crash potential. Think of your fleet as two separate risks: the driver and the vehicle itself. Each needs maintenance and proper attention to control unwanted incidents. While the lists below do not include all possible risks, they form a good platform for your own fleet risk assessment to help avoid injuries, property damage and liability losses.

Driver risk

The lists below include common vehicle operation risks.

  • Establish a written fleet safety program that includes a distracted driving policy
  • Provide training to all drivers
  • Assess effectiveness of your fleet safety program
  • Perform frequent — at least annually — MVR checks on all drivers

Vehicle risk

The list below includes best practice tips to monitor and maintain fleet operations.

  • Review your SMS report for DOT-registered vehicles
  • Develop a pre-trip inspection process and train workers on proper load securement methods
  • Ensure maintenance schedules are followed and drivers are instructed to report any problems immediately

C.L. Hollis Insurance can offer through our company partners, policyholder benefits that include not only our comprehensive coverage, but access to risk solutions partner services.

  • Equipment theft prevention and recovery products
  • Background check services
  • Disaster and recovery planning services
  • Industry-specific training resources
  • Alarm system testing and maintenance services
  • Automatic sprinkler testing and maintenance services

Call us today for free risk assessment of your commercial auto / truck fleets

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C.L. Hollis Insurance has been offering our protective insurance services for 29 years.

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