Wedding Insurance Why You Need It!

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Wedding Insurance Why You Need It!

From organizing seating arrangements to creating music playlists to keeping in-laws and family members happy, planning for your wedding involves dozens of decisions made under tight deadlines with tons of pressure. For many, a wedding can also mean a significant investment as couples and their families plan full wedding weekends complete with a rehearsal dinner, the wedding event itself and a celebratory send-off brunch. Knowing what a huge time and financial commitment your special day is, are you sure you are doing everything possible to help protect your wedding

Although couples may hesitate to spend even a cent more than necessary on an event that can get pretty pricey in the first place, wedding insurance policies usually don’t cost more than $100—and can save you  thousands if anything goes wrong.

Top Wedding Claims

A look at the past five years of Travelers wedding claims data reveals that some of the most common claims include bankrupt venues, injury or illness, and disruptive weather. If a vendor goes out of business unexpectedly or does not show up, the policy covers lost deposits as well as additional expenses necessary to finding a replacement vendor.

The insurance also covers lost deposits due to cancellation or postponement of the wedding if one or both members of the wedding party are unexpectedly deployed for military duty.

Even if a vendor has insurance, its policy protects its own interest. Shouldn’t you protect yours?

Together with our trusted partner Travelers Insurance Company

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