Not all catastrophes are an act of nature.


When a catastrophic event comes to mind, we automatically think about things like earthquakes, hurricanes or tornadoes. But the truth is, not all catastrophes that can affect your business or home are created by Mother Nature. In today’s litigious environment, some of the most devastating losses your business or family may face are man-made.

If the worst-case scenario happens, will you be ready?



A local hair salon is buzzing with activity. As an older client is walking from the wash chair to the styling chair, one of the stylists pulls at the cord of a hair dryer, causing the client to trip. She takes a bad fall and fractures her hip. In spite of surgery and rehabilitation, the client’s movement never fully recovers, and she is awarded nearly $2 million in damages. The salon owner’s general liability policy only provides $1 million in liability coverage. An umbrella policy could have provided additional liability limits to close the gap.

From our trusted partners the Travelers.

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Richard M Hollis

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