Cyber Liability Insurance, Should you?

Have you asked yourself if you may need Cyber liability insurance?


Take our quick cyber risk assessment.

  1. Does your company allow employees to remotely access your company network with mobile devices such as laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc.?
  2. Has your company hired vendors that have access to the information for which you are responsible or legally obligated to protect?
  3. Do your company’s service providers or contractors have on-site or remote access to your network?
  4. Has your company completed an inventory of all IT equipment and applications, and assigned a person to be responsible for maintaining these systems (anti-virus upgrades, software patches, strong passwords, etc.)?
  5. Has your company inventoried and classified the types of information it collects, processes, maintains or transmits, and do you restrict access to sensitive data, such as financial, medical or other personally identifiable information (PII)?
  6. Do any regulatory standards such as HITECH, HIPAA, or PCI DSS, apply to your company?
  7. Does your company have a protocol or individual identified to check network monitoring and logging devices?
  8. Is all sensitive information your company would collect, process, maintain or transmit encrypted?
  9. Does your company isolate customer information databases and payment/point-of-sale systems from other, less secure systems?
  10. Does your company have a process in place to ensure all antivirus protection, software updates/patches and equipment security settings are properly installed in a timely manner?
  11. Do contracts with all third-party service providers and contractors clearly specify their responsibility to safeguard sensitive information, while limiting their access to and use of this sensitive information commensurate with assigned tasks?

If you answered NO or NOT SURE to any of these questions then the answer to your original question is YES you do need Cyber Liability Insurance Coverage

C.L. Hollis Insurance has been helping people with their Risk Management for over 26 years. Let us answer your question. Contact us today!

Rick Hollis

Stoughton office 781.344.8578 – Wareham office 508.295.9500

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